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Florida Senator Calls House Obamacare Replacement Bill “A Disaster” 72
Opinion - Conservative on Friday May 26 2017 06:49
Rubio’s Syrian War Crimes Bill Pass Senate Committee 83
Opinion - Conservative on Friday May 26 2017 05:57
Trump Blamed For Alleged Election Night Assault In Montana 101
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Last Call! Gov. Scott Strikes Down Liquor Bill 133
Opinion - Conservative on Thursday May 25 2017 08:09
The Heat Is On The Highest Bidder In Miami Bridge Project 42
Opinion - Conservative on Wednesday May 24 2017 14:09
Lax Immigration In Europe Keeps Fueling Terrorism 140
Opinion - Conservative on Wednesday May 24 2017 06:53
Regalado Runs For Congress, But Can She Replace Ros-Lehtinen? 132
Opinion - Conservative on Wednesday May 24 2017 06:51
Trump’s Healthcare Law May Not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions 27
Opinion - Conservative on Wednesday May 24 2017 05:09
Harris Corp May Struggle To Finish New Miami Public Radio Network 31
Opinion - Conservative on Wednesday May 24 2017 04:25
Trump Denounces Suicide Attack In England 124
Opinion - Conservative on Tuesday May 23 2017 05:17